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Our Motorcycle friendly Resort is located in a prime Blue Ridge Mountain location near the Blue Ridge Parkway and near many great motorcycle routes for your riding pleasure. Enjoy the sweeping curves and long range views of the Parkway. Descend challenging turns with major elevation drops on side roads exiting the Parkway. Open up the throttle and cruise through lush valleys. Enjoy the many scenic back roads. Whether you are a veteran rider or a beginner, our area offers something for everyone.

We are a Founder of the “Virginia Blue Ridge Motorcycle Trail” which consists of six motorcycle routes offering over 300 miles of fun and challenging mountain motorcycle riding near our Resort. These six rides offer the best of mountain riding, so plan to stay a few days and ride as many of these great rides as you can.

The “Rodeo Run” actually starts and ends in our parking lot. This will take you through scenic valleys, up mountains, along the Blue Ridge Parkway with sweeping curves and long range views and down scenic back roads. FOR MORE INFORMATION.

The “Serpents Revenge” descends off the Parkway with a lot of tight curves and major elevation drops with great long range views. Then it runs along the side of the mountain range and climbs back up to the Parkway.

“The Floyd Blue Ridge Parkway Loop” takes you through historic Floyd, climbs up to the Parkway for some long range views and sweeping curves, down back roads and through lush valleys.

“The Mabry Mill Loop” starts at the world famous and historic Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway and cruises along a lush section of the Parkway and then loops on some scenic back roads back to the Mabry Mill.

“The Orchard Gap Mount Airy Run” is a great route that starts on the Parkway and nicely descends tight turns all the way down the mountain ending in historic downtown Mount Airy, the home of the Andy Griffith Show.

“Tuggles Gap Run” starts on the Blue Ridge Parkway and descends down tight turns to a lush valley where you cruise some scenic back roads before climbing back up to the Parkway.

Our Resort is a great home base for your “Riding” Vacation. In one convenient location, we offer lodging at our new Hotel, primitive or advanced camping with full hook ups and new bath house, great food at a fair price, your favorite beverages and fun entertainment. When you finish your day’s rides, you can clean your bike at our Bike Washing Station, park in front of your Hotel Room or at your own campsite and walk to the Carriage House Saloon for food, beverages and entertainment. At night’s end, it is only a short walk back to your HOTEL ROOM or CAMPSITE .

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